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Upholstery Packaging-Sofa Packaging Line

Why Sofa Packing is Difficult?

Sofa Packing is always complicated for the Manufacturers. Because to protect the upholstery, the sofa should be packed in the correct way. Firstly you need a foam or air bubble layer and on top of it you can wrap the whole body with a stretch film which is at leat 23 microns. First layer will work for the surface protection and the stretch film will protect it against moisture and dust. All these needs a lot of manual work and most of the time the package is not perfect because manually the operator can not stretch the film enough and properly. Another reason why sofa packing is not easy because of the dimensions. A sofa is big and heavy so you need 2 or 3 people to move and pack it. In addition to this while moving the sofa there is a risk to damage the corners or the upholstery fabric. Upholstery fabric is soft and can be damaged easily. 

How to pack and protect upholstery sofa?

One way is to use a corrugated box. This is a perfect solution to protect the upholstery fabric. However a corrogated box is not flexiable. It means that you need to have many box types with different sizes. Moreover you do not avoid the manual work and packing a sofa with a corrogated box is very expensive and you add it in the product price. 

However an Orbital Wrapping Machine can give you the versality you need. In addition to this to pack a sofa with a stretch film and air bubble combination is cheaper than any other solutions. Lastly a machine always performs better than an operator and makes more work in an efficient work. Considering the short payback period, you will have perfect packages and save time, money. A horizontal wrapping machine will always pack a sofa in the same perfect way. 

Now let us check the below images. Considering the fact that a manufacturer needs many man hour to wrap one sofa. And now multiply by 100 or 500. This is a huge labour which does not add any value actually. 

Dynawrap Pro 1700 is the perfect size machine to pack an upholstery fabric sofa

Dynawrap Pro 1700W is an Horizontal Wrapping Machine with a Crown Diameter of 1780 mm. The inner net passing diameter is 1700mm. Considering the wide diameter it will wrap any kind of Sofa Perfecftly. Dynawrap Pro Series 1700 has an additional welding unit where you can use foam, shrink bag or air bubble as needed. The welding unit cuts and seals the package and makes a bag. After that the wrapping unit sraps the stretch film on the sofa and unifies the air bubble and sofa. This creates a significant protection. All the process lasts 45 seconds for a 2.5 meter length sofa. Dynawrap Pro 1700W is a 6 m length machine and optionally can be customized to any customer need. Front and behind you can add any free roller conveyor for loading and discharge the product.