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Packaging Solutions for Cabinetry Manufacturers

What are you packing? How much are you looking to produce? This is important while considering the best packaging solutions for your products and business goals. 

What is the best way to pack your goods? 

Packaging or the end line process used to be considered a no value thing for many manufacturers however customers value a lot to receive the goods as properly packed. Whether you are working in the cabinetry industry or you are a door manufacturer to protect your goods during the shipment or in the warehouse you need to pack them somehow. Now let’s see and compare the available options whıch are corrugated board, shrink or stretch wrapping. 

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated board packing does not need an investment but it is the most expensive since the paper price is 80% more expensive than the plastic or stretch film price. Considering the fact that you need to use more amount of board which makes the packaging cost up to at least 3 times more. We all know that there are some products and packaging that we do not have another option than the corrugated board. The shape, dimensions and the shipment way are the key values or sometimes your customer might consider it a better option. Apart from the expensive price, it happens that the product may move inside the box and have the surface damaged. This is a possible drawback of using single box without stretch film.

Shrink Wrap Machine Packing or Hot Packaging

Shrink packaging or shrink wrapping is another option and many medium big manufacturers are using it. It is a good method to protect against scratches. It needs a machine investment but in the long run it is cheaper than the corrugated box. However, shrink wrap system also has some disadvantages such as the packaging speed. For those cabinet makers who needs high speed production will have a bottle neck because of the slow speed. Moreover, sometimes some products can not be heated. Third thing is the change over necessity. For different product dimensions you need a different size reel. This creates a downtime on the packaging line. Finally since the shrink tunnel needs to be heated constantly, this makes a big electricity consumption which increases the operational costs significantly. These are the main factors why some cabinet manufacturers are switching their shrink lines or do not cosider it as a better option for reinvestment. 

Stretch Film Wrapping

Most cabinet and door manufacturers prefer stretch film for the end line. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, stretch film is available everywhere and it is cheaper than the other options. For small and medium manufacturers manual stretch wrapping is very easy and popular. On the other hand many cabinet and door manufacturers integrate an Orbital Wrapping Machine to their end line in order to increase their productivity and assure a packaging quality. 

For some products stretch film protection is not sufficient and a foam sheet or air bubble layer applied before the stretch film. The combination of air bubble plus stretch film wrapping is the safest packaging protection against damages and also against to himidity and water.  

By Integrating a horizontal wrapping machine to your end line you not only increase your production speed but also you have a versatile packaging line. Moreover a well built machine is the only way to decrease your labour costs. Finally the standart packaging level will assure you a good quality and customer satisfaction.