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If you are searching an Orbital Wrapping Machine options in the market, follow this easy guide to choose the right machine to invest. You probably have a baseline idea of what kind of machine do you need but considering the below points makes sense in order to select the right wrapping machine for you. 

There are three main options

1) Manual or Semi Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machines: Suitable for small production units daily. It needs manual work while wrapping the products. Manual Orbital Wrapping machines are also good for small workshops. It occupies less space and they are compact. The drawback of a manual or semi automatic orbital wrapping machine is that if your product is relatively big and heavy it will be hard to guide the product manually. Therefore it is better for small product wrapping or light product wrapping. The last thing is ig you are packing more than 100 products daily the packing speed is relatively slow so you may consider a Fully Automatic Machine.

2) Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machines: If you are packing more than 80 products a day or you have continuos production line where you need to wrap different products a fully automatic orbital wrapping machine is perfect for you. In a normal cabinetry workshop 3-4 people are working to pack the goods. However we all know that labour is very expensive. If you invest in a Fully Automatic Wrapping Machine you can save up to 3 people. Moreover good machines in the market are capable of precise controls such as recipes and stretch film tensioning and many other adjustments. This is a great advantage if you consider the fact that you will save up to 40% from the stretch film consumpltion and always have the same packing quality. Many good orbital wrapping manufacturers use a touch panel and recipe control so even for the same product you can save different packaging types. You save these datas under the product description or product code and you have it on the memory forever. You can recall whenever you want. Lastly again good machines in the market offers performance indicators. So you can have a report and see the number of products wrapped daily and see the operators performance. Thinking all these benefits if you still do not have a horizontal wrapping machine and use stretch film to pack your goods, you can save money, time and at the same time increase your quality plus efficiency. 

3) Fully Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machines with Air Bubble Welding Unit: If you are already using air bubble, foam type products to protect your goods against shipment shifts, you can consider to invest in a complete orbital wrapping stretch film wrapping line. The initial investment for such a machine is higher and you can consider a manual air bubble unit and after load it to the machine however in the long run you will save more money with a full horizontal wrapping line. 


How much should I invest for a Good Orbital Wrapping Machine

What is your budget?

This is the first question we need to answer of course and we can choose a good product depending on our budget. There are many products and manufacturers so if you check at least 5-6 different manufacturers you will have a better idea about the prices and products. We do not recommend you to get the first machine you see or maybe your neighbour company has it but it is expensive. 

What is the payback period?

You can easily calculate tyhe payback period of your investment. Usually a normal payback time should be between 9-12 months. If you think that your payback is longer than you can reconsider the options again. 

Stretch Film Contracts

While buying your first machine the dealer or the manufacturer offers you a stretch film contract. Check and compare the prices before signing a long term contract. 

Cost of Ownership

After some time you will need maintenance, service or spare parts for your machine. Usually for the first 2-3 years a good machine should work without any problem if you regularly make the maintenance indicated on the user manual. But after some time you will neet to replace some wearing parts or other parts. At that moment before buying you can ask the manufacturer the cost of Spare Parts and also consider it in the initial investment for your machine. 

Second Hand Value Of your Orbital Wrapping Machine

Second hand value is related with how the machine looks after a period of time. An orbital wrapping machines after 100.000 cycles may look perfect or not. This depends on the robustness and structure of the machines. A steel body machine with strong conveyors will perform during long years. Especially after a good maintenance it should work perfect. In today’s world there is a tendency to put less material on the products and design a limited life for the products so that the customer will come and buy a new machine. However we all want that our investment has a value after that time so if you want to change your machine you can resell it and still it worths money.

Finally, while many horizontal wrapping machines may look very similar, it worths to look at the details. Compare the service packages, warranties and the other spects of the machine. You need a good balance so what does the overall package look like? Which machine will offer you the best return on your investment. Take your time to study the numbers by comparing similar options and the best solution will become apparent.

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